Magic vs Lakers Preview

Understanding basketball the way I do, I always thought that the Magic had a better chance than the Cavs against the Lakers in the Finals. Living in LA, nobody likes this opinion but like it or not: the Lakers are 0-2 against the Magic. I took this stance before I even knew that.
Its not that the Magic are better than the Lakers, they just match up better.
(Remember, the alligator always eats the bigger end.)

1. Derek Fisher < Raefer Alston or Jameer Nelson
Fisher is overrated. He isnt that great of a defensive player. Leadership is not talent. Alston is one of the few guys who I would feel comfortable telling him to shoot from anywhere on the floor.

2. Odom/Ariza/Walton > Hedo
Ariza has a bone to pick, Odom is equally as talented as Hedo even when he disappears, and Walton…no comment.

3. Kobe Bryant > Courtney Lee

4. Pau Gasol < Rashard Lewis
Against any other team, I would put Pau as the better player. But, Lewis is not a normal PF. Orlando plays him as a guard. I am doing this grade based on shooting. I think Lewis will outscore Pau every game of this series and in this series, that matters.

5. Bynum < Howard
Howard has something Bynum doesnt, muscle. They both tend to disappear for stretches at a time. In fact, I think that the Magic loses against the Cavs were Howard’s fault more than Van Gundy’s. A superstar does not disappear for the last quarter. A rebounder never disappears, you have to try to not touch the ball if you are Howard to do that.

Bench: Lakers
The lakers have Sasha, Farmar, Shannon Brown, and whoever doesnt play from the 2 spot. I dont think the bench will play a big role in this series. Pietrus will come off the bench and kill Kobe.

Coaching: Lakers
Van Gundy really ticked me off against the Cavs. I dont like his brain farts.

I give it to the Magic in 6, but if the series goes to 7, its the Laker’s series. I believe the Lakers will have a hard time outscoring the Magic. Pietrus is too good of a defender to let Kobe go off for 50 a series. Either way this should be a really solid series, you got the Lakers defensive game against the Magic’s offensive fire power.


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