extreme rules ppv, night of champions

Wow, I did not see that coming. I knew Jeff Hardy wouldnt keep the belt long if he got it with his contract situation but-WOW. I love a good swerve and we got one. CMPunk coming in and winning the belt is the modern day equivalent of Yokozuna winning the title and then Hulk Hogan running in to challenge him.

Kofi Kingston retained his title in a “what was the point of this, we already had a title change on raw, 4 way” match.

Jericho is the new IC champion. He also unmasked Rey. I hope the E doesnt act like they are on E and fuck up Rey Mysterio’s character.

CMPunk beat Umaga. Makes sense, they have Punk beat a monster in Umaga and look strong. You always want your champion to look strong.

Tommy Dreamer won the fake ECW title. He didnt pin Christian so I am curious if that goes anywhere.

Batista won over Randy Orton. What is the point of having a cage match, if you are going to have the winner by pinfall?

Was there any doubt Cena would win against the Big Show?


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