What I don’t get

Why would the WWE release Umaga a day after he put over the future WWE champion. If it was steroids or a failed drug test of some other kind, they had to have known before so why release after the PPV.

It takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal from Bret Favre’s injury, yet the Vikings gave him a one week deadline to sign with them.

Why does anyone outside of Washington care about the MLB draft? Do they think he will fall to their team? That would be like Lebron James falling in an NBA team fantasy draft.

Why not let the guy who wants to buy the Phoenix Coyotes move them to Canada. I don’t see anyone else lining up to buy them or any hockey team for that matter. (I am a group wants to get an expansion team in Toronto) I miss the Winnipeg Jets.

Why Does MVP (WWE) do all those basketball. He is a wrestler not a basketball player. In his past I havent read anything about being a basketball player and his character says nothing about being a basketball player.

Vickie Guerrero asks for her release after being put in a match with pigs, not before?


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