Smackdown pissed me off

CM Punk’s will he or wont he turn into a bad guy took away from the show. It took away from the match he was in too. To be honest it felt like they were doing damage control on his character. It was like creative had no idea that what they did with Punk would result in a negative reaction from the fans. If you notice, you know a guy is offically a heel when Jim Ross hates you and he was praising CM Punk.

What they are doing with Dolph Zigler is pissing me off. They are still making a joke out of his character. “He only introduced himself to me 6 times today.” What a joke. I cant believe they are keeping this aspect of his character.

Theodore Long came out to announce the SD main event way too late. I was almost ready to change the channel, anticipating a commercial.

Did anybody notice how good Punk was on commentary?

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