Because it doesnt look like the Magic are going to come back

The Finals sucks so naturally we had to hear an offseason rumor:
Shaq to the Cavs for Ben Wallace and Sasha

The Shaq to the Cavs rumor wont help the Cavs. The only way he will help them is by selling more jerseys and they already sell a ton of Lebron jerseys. If anything next year Shaq on the Cavs would outsell Lebron because everyone already has a Lebron/Cavs jersey. As far as I am concerned this trade would just be a way of pushing him out, it would piss him off that his #2 or #3(at Shaqs stage in his career) would outsell him. Shaq would love this trade, he gets to be on a team close to title contention and the focus will be on him and his new sidekick, even though he is the sidekick.
By the way this trade would be great for the Suns: Sasha is a fast player who can play the 4 in a up tempo game. Steve Nash and Amare will love Ben Wallace if he doesnt retire, all he does is rebound and he doesnt score points, plus Amare is not a natural center like Wallace. Did I mention that both have friendly contracts that can be bought out in a second.

Bottom line: What are you thinking Cleveland? Has the economy hit you so bad that you are thinking about aquiring another marketable star? If I am PHX I say thank you, knowing that you secretly robbed Cleveland.


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