Lakers parade or Jobs?

City jobs cover more than you would think. Your trash man, your teachers, police, librarian, the people who run the election. Basically anybody who is anybody gets paid by the city. I wouldnt want to risk any of those jobs for a stupid parade from a team, everybody pretends to like. If we knew that the money spent on a parade would mean budget cuts to only the parking enforcement people that we don’t want then I would be all for it, but we are talking about teachers and fireman. Living in the county, I know how bad the budget cuts are. I cant get a job with LAUSD because of this bs, my sister was jobless for the whole year for similar reasons. 
If people in this town really cares about the Lakers then maybe I would feel differently. Lakers fans are the epitome of Hollywood, fake as shit. It may sound like nothing that the yearly salary of only 150 employees would be cut because of this, but its not. Those 150 people have families to support. There are so many ways to spend that money.
If anybody with a Laker flag hanging from their car just took that money instead to go the parade then we wouldnt have to worry. On top of that, the town would be a lot less uglier. Laker flags are my pet peeve, they only show up when they are in the finals and they are everywhere. If they were real fans, they would drive around with them all the time. Personally if I had a Panthers flag at my disposal, I would have it on my car all the time.


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