Raw Odds

Raw Odds:

Ecw Title Match:
Tommy Dreamer: 65%
Christian: 35%
Odds we see Jack Swagger somehow as a result of this match: 95%

Raw Title match:
Triple H: 39%
Randy Orton: 30%
John Cena: 17%
Big Show: 14%

Smackdown Title match:
Jeff Hardy: 40%
CM Punk: 40%
Edge: 20%

HHH or Randy Orton will win the title because what else would they feud over.
Dreamer retains.
Jeff Hardy wins and CM Punk goes back to being a face. Maybe CMPunk doesnt get pinned and we find a 3 way match for the next ppv with all of them.
Cena or Big Show wont win the belt because they are scheduled to face the Miz at the next PPV and the Miz is not ready for a title shot.

By the way, I have been reading the house show results for the SD brand and it looks like ECW is being prominently featured. In one result I saw 5 of the 7 matches from ECW.

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