Watch Raw closely

Word is that those that don’t appear, wont be appearing because they are suspended.
People who usually appear: Matt Hardy, MVP, Colons, Miz, Regal, Orton and his crew, HHH,  John Cena, Kofi, CMPunk, Jeff Hardy, Edge, R Truth, Rey, Khali, Dolph Zigler, Dreamer, Christian, Hart Dynasty, Swagger.
Superstars who we should not look into if they are not their: any divas, Finlay, Kane, Goldust and Hornswaggle, Chavo (although I wouldnt be surprised if he failed a test, I just think they have no storyline for him with Vickie leaving), Cryme Tyme, Festus, Jamie Noble, Santino (another one who I question storylines with), Brian Kendrick, Kozlov (although I would love for him to have failed a test), Hbk, Undertaker, Charlie Haas, Shelton (storyline), Mike Knox

I find myself questioning the timing of Batista’s injury. I really wouldnt be surprise if this is damage control to a failed test. Think about it he just came back from an injury, maybe he took steroids to heal faster. Remember he came back sooner than expected, by about 2 months.

One Response to Watch Raw closely

  1. Reuben says:

    Orton’s also quite close to getting sacked, if he’s not careful. Wonder if HHH is going to walk away with the strap from the 4-way dance tonight.

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