All Star Ballot MLB

Okay first let me tell you that I love baseball. Baseball standings were how I learned how to read. I could spell Cincinnati and Atlanta before I could spell my own name. Baseball is what opened my eyes to the world of sports. But 20 years later, I find myself being a bad fan. Instead of watching games, I am reading books. Instead of making a point to watch all of sportscenter, I only watch it if nothing good is on, or if a Michelle is anchoring.
Anyway I can tell you the standings off the top of my head and I still know all about every player.

Without further ado, my all star ballot:

1b: Morneau, easy
2b: Pedroia, it was between him or Roberts. I went with the guys who’s autograph I have, maybe it will bump up the resell value.
SS: Bartlett, I should have voted Jeter because he is healthy but Jeter is a Yankee and Bartlett has just about the same numbers despite fewer at bats.
3b: Figgins, It was between him Langoria and Inge. Langoria will get his votes and I never cared for Inge. Never cared for Figgins either but he has been the Angles MVP for a couple seasons now and deserves to be an all star.
C: Suzuki, Should have voted Martinez but he will get the votes. Nobody else deserves to be an all star besides these 2.
OF: Scott, Cruz, Adam Jones. Based on my last 2 votes, you may be noticing a theme: I like to vote for guys who I don’t think will get votes. So that automatically ruled out Ichiro(even though he deserved it), and people from big cities with huge fan bases (Boston, it was hard not to vote for Ellsbury). Another person who I think deserved it was Tori Hunter but he has been to all star games. I almost voted for Abreu but the 2 Orioles and a journeyman deserved it too. 

NL: I must confess that I love the Dodgers almost as much as I love any other team in the world. (Carolina Panthers are the only other team on par with them)
1b: Gonzalez, SD Wow, this was hard. You got Pujols, Fielder, Loney, and Cantu looks deserving. Pujols will get votes, Fielder won ROY I think undeservingly one year so even though I have a signed ball from him he is gone, Loney I know I am biased, and Cantu I am not even sure if he plays 1b everyday.
2b: Hudson, LAD Have you seen what he has done. Juan Pierre may be getting all the credit for replacing Manny but he is doing the bulk of the work.
SS: Hanley Ramirez, FLA nobody else. Tejada cant inject his vote in my head.
3b: Blake, LA Okay I am rewarding him for his overacheiving. I like Mark Reynolds as well but being a Dodger fan, Blake gets the nod.
C: McCann ATL because there is noone else.
OF: Bourn Hou,  Ethier LA, Werth Philly I love speed. Ethier and Werth have been my favorite players for ages and never appear on the ballot.

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