Broncos Busted

Okay I know football more than the average person. I only aspire to coach the sport at any level. Other pertinent background is that I grew up watching the Broncos. That is enough for the lesson on me. I am saying all this because I want to react to Brandon Marshall requesting a trade.

Brandon Marshall requested a trade and I don’t blame him. He probably wants a chane to get away from all of his problems.
If I am the Broncos, I trade him. He is constantly getting in trouble and now that he requested a trade: I think he is more trouble then he is worth. Yes he has a lot of value but with all of headaches was there any chance that they wanted to resign him at the end of the season anyway. I understand that you dont just let a talent like that slip away, but off the top of my head I can tell you that the Giants released Plaxico for similar reasons. Trade him for whatever you can get and count your blessings that a new coach has one less head case to deal with.
As far as I am concerned the only reason that this is big news is because of Jay Cutler. If the Broncos hadnt just traded him then this would be one of those “O well another headcase star player is bitching and wants out”. Their is one on every other team.


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