Who Made the Team, ECW

I love wordpress blogs. They saved this.  I just realized that this was not posted last week but it was saved automatically. Thank you word press for saving my ass.

1. Christian
It was really hard to determine who to put where because ECW is so weak.
2. Hart Dynasty
3. Tiffany
She is my favorite GM. Sure I may have given her some more points for being a vegetarian but ECW is weak. The Top 3 are genuinly who I look forward to watching ECW every week for lately.
4. Tommy Dreamer
I like this guy but did you hear him when he came out on raw, the crowd didnt respond to him. I want him to succeed but it doesnt look like he will.
5. Jack Swagger
He is growing on me a little bit. I still think that they are pushing him down our throats way too much. He does not deserve to be the next ECW champion but it looks like he is.

Not considered
He disappeared off tv for 3 weeks and comes back as a heel yet him and Hornswoggle have the same music. Now that made me laugh my ass off. I personally like Finlay as a heel, him and Wrath were my favorite people to watch on WCW Thunder.

I can not stand this guy. Put him in a tag team, give him a manager, do something so we dont have to worry about him threatening the singles ranks.

Evan Bourne
I wanted to consider him but unlike the top5, he is not on the show every week. Unlike 4 and 5, I love to watch him.


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