Ariza watch Day 2

Okay, I am focusing on Trevor Ariza because he is an attainable free agent. He can be had for the mid level exception or slightly more. Regardless, he is nowhere near a player that will make 10 million a year.
If the Houston Rockets lose Ron Artest or are blown away with a trade offer for Shane Battier then Ariza would be the perfect fit for them. The ROckets would need to replace the points if they lose Artest because Ariza will/should/can never put up 15 points a game for the whole season; but he is a solid enough player to cover the defense and rebounding that they would lose if they lost Artest. As far as Battier, he is the perfect replacement if not better.
Another option would be Boston. They are still trying to replace James Posey and Ariza is everything Posey was and then some, because I consider him a superior rebounder. He should not be considered a replacement to Big Baby or Powe.

more teams to come later


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