Smackdown Wrestlers Theme Music

Theme music plays an important part in the wwe. I don’t think Jeff Hardy would be a fan favorite with different music. The music and the entrance put together make him. Here is a small list of the bands behind the theme music of our favorite smackdown stars.

Jeff Hardy
Band: Endeverafter
Song: “No More Words”

Band: Alter Bridge
Song: “Metalingus”

Song: “With Legs Like That”
by Zebrahead
(I know for a fact that this song appears on numerous soundtracks)

Band: Killswitch Engage
Song: “This Fire Burns”
(Random note: not a punk band in my book, but still a good band)

John Morrison
Band: Stonefree Experience
Song:  “Ain’t No Make Believe”

Song: “Man on Fire”
by Jimmy Jippo

Rey Mysterio
Song: “Booyaka 619”
Band: P.O.D.

I didn’t include people if their theme music was composed by the guy who does all the wwe theme music. (Cryme Tyme, Teddy Long)


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