TNA PPV Predictions

TNA World Heavyweight Championship – “King of the Mountain”
– Mick Foley (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle.

My guess is Joe will eliminate Angle, and Jarrett and Foley will go at it. That leaves Styles to win.

Styles 26%
Jarrett 26%
Foley 23%
Angle 12%
Joe 13%

TNA X Division Championship – “King of the Mountain”
Detroit Tigers star Curtis Granderson will present the X Championship to the winner
– Suicide (c) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin.

Title is due to change hands. Creed should get it in my opinion, but this is Detroit so a Machine Gun can win.

Alex Shelley 23%
Chris Sabin 21%
Creed 21%
Suicide 20%
Jay Lethal 15%

I doubt Suicide will be unmasked. By the way: does anyone else think it is weird that Rey and Suicide are both doing mask angles? TNA and the E doing the same angle. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

TNA World Tag Team Championships Match
– Team 3D (c’s) vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Talk about a match that I dont care about. I am sick of Beer Money and 3d have had their time. I don’t think that they would have had a tag tournament unless the idea was to put over the winner.

Beer Money 53%
3d 47%

If Morgan wins, he joins the Main Event Mafia
– Sting vs. Matt Morgan.

If I was TNA, I would let Morgan win but because it is TNA I am giving it to Sting.

Sting 65%
Morgan 35%

Daniels puts up his roster spot in TNA
– Daniels vs. Shane Douglas.

Apparently Shane Douglas doesnt have a contract after today so that means it is pointless for him to win. Also why would TNA kill Daniels, he is the best performer in tna.

Daniels 99.9%
Douglas .1%

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
– Angelina Love (c) vs. Tara.

Angelina Love just won the title and Tara is a newcomer so it makes no sense to give it to her.

Angelina 68%
Tara 32%

Monster’s Ball Match
– Abyss & Taylor Wilde vs. Raven & Daffney.

Why is Taylor Wilde in this match? Why is Daffney in here? Whatever. This angle needs to end with Abyss and Stevie, not like this so I see Raven and his lady taking it.

Raven 60%
Abyss 40%

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