Lakers win championship, Spurs hit panic button, plus Celtics info

It was no secret that the Spurs needed to do something, but did they trade too many of their core players?
Richard Jefferson is a solid player who can score and rebound. He is solid at the 3, can play the 2, but is nothing special at the 4. I dont buy this trade, the Spurs have a proven formula on how to win and this is taking away from it. I dont buy it. Jefferson is not a Spurs player, he is not a great defender and needs to score to be effective. He will take away from Parker and Manu.
What scares me about this trade is Scott Skiles was ecstatic to acquire this guy and now he is traded for peanuts. Something tells me his skills arent where we think they are. The Bucks seem all to happy to get expiring contracts for an all star. Its not like they have a chance to get LeBron next year.

Regarding the Celtics offering Rondo and Allen for Prince, Hamilton, and Stuckey; well that was a smart move. They offered a player whose value is more to other teams than them in Rondo and a huge expiring contract in Allen for 3 good to great players. Its no wonder the Pistons said no, the Celtics wanted to trade for the Pistons 3 best players in exchange for the Celtics 3rd and 4th best players.
Offers like these tend to stir the pot so I expect the Celtics to get offers for Rondo and I expect them to trade him. It makes no sense for the Celtics to trade Ray Allen, he carried the team through the playoffs.
The Pistons have no players that are untouchables but Rodney Stuckey is close to it. At his contract they cant get equal value for him. Rip Hamiton and Prince are players to build around so they would have to be blown away. Plus both are all star caliber players that will be playing 10 years from now.


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