NBA draft debts

Los Angeles Clippers receive Minnesota’s first round pick (top-10 protected through 2011, unprotected 2012) as part of the Sam Cassell/Marko Jaric trade.
Ouch, it is so late that even Minnesota dumped his salary. Bottom line, they still owe a 1st round pick that will probably be in the lottery for a guy that is not even on the team. Plus its not like Marko Jaric was traded for anybody of value, his salary being thrown in, is one of the reasons that Minnesota liked the deal; Mike Miller and Kevin Love were not traded for him, they were traded for OJ Mayo.

New Orleans will receive a conditional 2015 second-round pick from Memphis (Mike James / Antonio Daniels three team trade).
2015,will anyone remember these guys by then? Its 2009, we are talking 6 years later a draft pick gets cashed in, why didnt they acquire cash instead.

New York owes a protected 1st round draft pick to Utah, due before 2010 (top 24 protected in 2007, top 23 protected in 2008, top 22 protected in 2009, unprotected in 2010) [via Phoenix.]
This pick was actually traded in the trade that brought NY Stephon Marbury, and PHX flipped it to Utah in a salary dump of some no name player. It actually benefited PHX because that salary was used to sign Steve Nash. Anyway, even though Marbury is gone NY fans are still forced be reminded of the agony he caused, what appears to be 2 years later. If the Knicks make it into the 23 or later slot I will be shocked, that is where good and great teams belong (like Boston, Cavs, Lakers, Magic). Dont worry NY fans, if they aren’t in the playoffs by 2010 the Knicks might as well move because I know you wont tolerate it.

Los Angeles Lakers receive Memphis’ 2010 second round pick, as part of Pau Gasol trade.
Memphis gave the Lakers a championship and a 2nd round pick as part of the trade.

New Jersey receives Dallas’ 2010 first round pick (unprotected) as part of the Jason Kidd trade.
I got nothing thoughtful to say about this one, but I believe Jason Kidd is a free agent this year so they might owe them a pick in a year that said player isnt there.

Denver will receive a conditional 2015 second-round pick (top 55 protected) from the Clippers (Cheikh Samb trade).
Will Denver ever cash this pick in? Which leads us to this:
Toronto will receive a 2015 second-round pick from the Clippers (Hassan Adams trade).
So the Clippers know that the Denver trade is bs, so much so that the league approved the trade too knowing that the Clippers will fail. I would love to see the ramnifications if the Clippers get their in 2015. Basically if the Clippers are a successful team, they owe 2 2nd round picks when you can only possibly own one. To me this just proves that when a team trades its 2nd round pick, it is a bullshit trade. Teams trade 2nd round picks for players that they cut right away, pointless.

Orlando will convey their 2009 second round pick to Phoenix, via Oklahoma City, top-55 protected. If they do not convey that pick, obligations are extinguished. Rashard Lewis trade, then Kurt Thomas trade)
Okay, that proves that 2nd round pick trades are crap. See they basically admitted they dont care right there.

Orlando owes Phoenix a conditional second-round pick, via Seattle from Rashard Lewis sign and trade.
Phoenix will receive a conditional 2010 second-round pick from Oklahoma City (Kurt Thomas salary dump).
Orlando will convey their 2009 second round pick to Phoenix, via Oklahoma City, top-55 protected. If they do not convey that pick, obligations are extinguished. Rashard Lewis trade, then Kurt Thomas trade)
PHX traded Kurt Thomas and 2 1st round picks for a 2nd rounder. The 2nd rounder pick that Seatle/OKC traded was the pick that Orlando sent to them in the Rashard Lewis sign and trade. The sign and trade was so bogus that Orlando only traded the 2nd round pick so they could pay Lewis a max contract. Phoenix was then so desperate to dump salary that they traded Kurt Thomas and picks for that 2nd rounder that they werent guaranteed to get. The ironic part is the Thundics later traded Kurt Thomas to the Spurs for 2 first round picks.  So the Thundics aqcuired 4 1st round picks for a 2nd round pick, a pick so bogus that they were not guaranteed to receive it. Just for that I believe the GM is amazing. They may be a shitty team but that was great work.

Minnesota receives Boston’s 2009 1st round draft pick, top 3 protected, as part of Kevin Garnett trade. (2010+2011: top-2 protected, 2012, unprotected)
Minnesota owns Miami’s first round pick, top 14 protected in 2008, top 10 protected in 2009, top 6 protected in 2010, and unprotected after that.

Boston wont have to worry about giving up an unprotected pick. If the Wolves were smart they would have made sure it was protected until after Garnett retired. They should have made it so they could cash it in 2015, atleast that 2015 pick would have made sense.
Miami owes the pick in the Antoine Walker trade. Basically Miami wanted to get rid of Walker so bad they traded him and Dorell Wright (or someone like him) along with the pick for Ricky Davis and bad contracts (Mark Blount and someone else I believe). Atleast they made up the stupid Jaric trade at the begining by acquiring this pick in a bad trade by another team.


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