Raw thoughts and Who made the team this week

1. The Miz (1)
2. John Cena (4)
3. Randy Orton (2)
4. HHH (3)
5. Goldust and Hornswoggle (6)
6. Rhodes and DiBiase (7)
7. Bis Show (NR)
8. Mickie James (8)
9. Kofi Kingston (5)
10. Maryse (9)

Dropped: Santino
Raw thoughts:
Instead of showcasing Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, Chavo, etc. they put on a Smackdown match. Bullshit.
That Festus spot with him coming out of the bathroom which was McMahon’s office was great.
Also the Big Show no sold Cena’s finisher, as much as I dont care for Cena, I hate it when a wrestler no sells finishers. That is supposed to be the move that knocks a guy on his. You are only supposed to kick out of those in ajor matches, not some Raw match that isnt even being used to build up a match at a ppv.
Also strange, Priceless were not with Orton at all during the show. They also have new theme music.


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