Washington GM is not a Wizard


To me a top 5 pick should get you an All Star in a trade. Heck, thats what the fans are expecting the when said player is drafted so why wouldnt they expect it when said pick is traded?
Randy Foye only looks good on paper. If I was a GM, I would take a flier on him in an expansion draft but that is as far as I would go. Apparently the Wizards like him better than anyone they could draft, I am no expert but I remember when the Celtics had a similar pick they thought Sebastian Telefair was better than Foye and Brandon Roy. What I am saying is that I dont like trading for an top 5 pick for an unproved NBA player. The Wolves were going to dump Mike Miller anyway. I am not sure he fits with the Wizards unless they trade Jamison. Yes, I believe this trade spells the end for Jamison in Washington which I think is a mistake. If I was the Wizards I would traded this pick to acquire Larry Hughes and the Knicks pick, that way you get the best of both worlds. If the pick is a failure then you can tell the fans that we got a proven asset who has worked for our team in Hughes. This is a boom or bust trade. The Wizards are hoping that last year was a fluke season. Mike Miller would be a great player for Lebron because he has proven that he is willing to pass, Gilbert Arenas is a selfish player. Now if the Wizards traded Arenas and kept Jamison, I think this trade would work. As it isf, the Wizards are a team that can’t get to the finals and never will.


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