who made the team ecw, ecw review

Who made the team ECW

1. Tiffany
I didnt know who to put at the top. Hart Dynasty lost to Evan Bourne today. Evan Bourne is never guaranteed to be on tv. Christian has been on a losing streak. Tommy Dreamer is not over with the crowd. Jack Swagger is not over and is not a champion. Tiffany was the safe pick.
2. Jack Swagger
3. Christian
4. Tommy Dreamer
5. Evan Bourne

This was hard. Cutting the Hart Dynasty who I believe were number one on my initial list last week was hard. They lost this week and are not in the main event for the PPV. Mark Henry would be in the top 10 as well. Finlay would make it, but ECW is only one hour so I dont think it is fair to give them 10 slots like a 2 hour show. If I a coach I would rather take my 5 strongest guys than have to worry about filling up a roster of 10 with scrubs. ECW doesnt always showcase 10 stars and even if they started consistenly the 10th guy would be a jobber.


ECW was good this week.
Mark Henry is getting somewhat of a push. It seems the writers realize that the fans are behind Evan Bourne because he is always picking up wins against strong opponents. For him to win against the Hart Dynasty who have been on a roll shows you that.
“Smart fans” may not like the Hurricane but I love him and hope he comes back. As far as I am concerned he can be like Cena and Mysterio. I hope he gets a decent push. He deserves to be an ECW champion. I would love for the poor bastard to go from “3 count” to WWE champion.

Sorry about the confusion, I wrote an ECW who made the team but apparently forgot to post it. As a result I lost the data from it.

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