Hurricane counrty makes a whirl wind of moves

Ask yourself: is Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson for Courtney Lee, Raefer Alston, and Hedo Turkoglu a good deal?
I am not familiar with Ryan Anderson but I hope he turns into a steal because unless he turns into a rotation player, that doesnt sound like a good deal to me.  Raefer will be productive on the Nets. Now that they are essentially a team with an expansion roster, Raefer will get a chance to put up huge number in his free agent season. In the original question I asked up above, I would be completely fine with it if it was just now Hedo and Lee but adding Raefer was the killer because he willalways put up solid number no matter where he is, D League/Raptors/Rockets/Magic/Nets.
By adding a salary in Carter’s there is no way they can afford Hedo.

I am not sure what to think on the Jamal Crawford for Acie Law and Speedy Claxton trade. It actually makes me think that the Hawks will bring Bibby back because they just traded their 2 point guards away from a shooting guard. Crawford doesn’t distribute the ball and he will be a pain in the ass in the locker room if he is not putting up points. I hope Law gets a chance to do something good, he is one of my favorite players.

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