Who made the team, TNA, thoughts on this week’s show

1. Samoa Joe (5)
2. Kurt Angle (9)
3. Sting (3)
4. Matt Morgan (10)
5. Beautiful People (1)
6. AJ Styles
7. British Invasion
8. Beer Money
9. Daniels (6)
10. Mick Foley (4)
11. Suicide (2)
12. Eric Young – I would like to see him with the legends belt. Imagine what that would do to his character.

Abyss, Dr. Stevie, 3d, Daffney, Tara, and Taylor Wilde were hard to leave off.
Taylor Wild is billed from Canada but did you notice that her backround was all USA stuff like stars and stripes in US colors.
Sting reminded me, Nash was the leader of the Wolfpac and now Sting is/was the leader of the mafia.
TNA does a better job showcasing their talent in 2 hours than the E does in 6. I found it hard to include people.
It doesnt look like Raven is coming back.
I dont get it are Beer Money and Sting good guys? I like it though.
You have to like that Vince Russo is making an effort to include everyone.
What are they doing with Rhyno?


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