pwg sunday instead of bash

Instead of watching the Bash on PPV, I will be at a PWG show.  I wouldnt have it any other way. PWG has a great combination of the best wrestlers in the world, while being within driving distance.

Matches advertised:

No Disqualification Match
Necro Butcher vs. Joey Ryan
Believe it or not I am not looking forward to this match as much as you think. I want to see it because Joey Ryan is one of the best wrestlers in the world and has never put on a bad performance. I dont care for Necro. I am looking forward to seeing Joey in a NO DQ match.

Singles Match
Kenny Omega vs. Roderick Strong
match I am looking forward too the most. 2 of the best pwg has to offer.

Singles Match
El Generico vs. Scott Lost
2 of my all time favorites.

Singles Match
Chuck Taylor vs. Human Tornado
Chuck Taylor has the best character, he hates kids. Tornado was in Nacho Libre

Brian Danielson was going to be in a tag match with Strong but he has a staph infection.


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