Who made the team…Smackdown

1. Chris Jericho (2)
He is the number one heel on the brand. He is in a great rivalry and he is keeping him himself in the main event picture. Basically he is doing everything. Very deserving of this slot.
2. R Truth (5)
He is very over with the crowd. Glad to see him get a win over Benjamin, felt bad for Benjamin but atleast he was in a singles match this week.
3. Dolph Ziggler (7)
4. John Morrison (8)
He beat the CHAMP.
5. Jeff Hardy (1)
Okay the reason why he is so low is because I am still torn on whether to put him or Mysterio here.
6. Rey Mysterio(3)
7. CMPunk (6)
8. Michelle McCool (10)
She is slowly turning into my favorite diva. I actually look forward to watching her.
9. Edge (4)
Would be higher if he was on the PPV
10. Melina
Did you notice the ref fuck up in her match at the begining. She had A. Fox pinned and he hesitated…one count…one count (melina doesnt let go, and a fox doesnt kick out until 4 seconds later…”okay we move on because the ref is an idiot”)


Stupid way to do a tag team cage match, how was there room to tag the people in? Claustrophobic, much?


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