Made in Japan

Milton Bradley is at it again. If he keeps up his behavior, it is only a matter of time before the Cubs boot him. 7 teams in 10 years, and I doubt he will finish his 3 year contract with the Cubs. Milton has been one of my favorite players, I go bananas for 5 tool players who have played for the Dodgers. He is not one of my favorite players any more. I am so sick of seeing him mess up every opportunity. This guy has had 6 teams give up on him. This guy is a loose cannon. I am not saying put him in jail, but he doesn’t belong in the major leagues with this act. He is supposed to be a role model and he has bitch fits about everything. I can only imagine what Pinella is going through with him now. Bradley is hitting like shit on a team playing like shit. Milton needs to be on an winning team, and an important part on that team too in order to be a good citizen. That is too much to ask.
What I would like to see done, is the Cubs call a team in Japan when they know their season is in the tank. Offer a trade, go “Hey will let you borrow Fukudome but you got to take Milton Bradley too. Don’t worry you are only borrowing him, we think some Japanese culture might benefit him.” Or at least I think some Japanese baseball might be good for him. They respect the game. Bradley throws one of his token fits and they will shit all over him. They wont put up with it and that is what he needs. The fans wont put up with him either.


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