Young Bucks

I posted this on the PWG message board, but I wanted to post it here as well:

“I may be in the minority, but I am happy that the Bucks arent competing this Sunday. Its not that I dont want to see them, because they put on 5 star matches every match. Its just that they have been winning so much that it feels like PWG is shoving them down our throat. They did not deserve to win the Tourny, and how can you put them over the Motor City Machine Guns? I think that was a little too soon for them to go over. I know PWG is trying to make them look strong, but why are they doing it at the expense of strong singles competitors? Kenny Omega, Bryan Danielson, Joey Ryan, Roderick Strong are all strong singles competitors/former champions/future champions.
Will we ever see Matt or Nick win a singles title? Not in the near future is my guess. Yes I would like to see them break off in the future and win singles titles, but that is nowhere near a possibility now.”


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