Minor League Football

The Padres and Mariners High A affiliates scored 33 runs and 18 runs respectively … in the same game

In a week or 2, I will be moving to within walking distance of the Lancaster Jethawks who are the Houston Astros affilate for the same league. I look forward to it. Minor league games are fun to attend, it is a notch above a little league game. I have been to a boat load of Dodgers game to know the difference and I like the Minor League feel better (unless I have seats right behind the umpire). The fans are friendlier, the prices are cheaper, the players are humble. I can only compare it to whether I would rather go to a PWG (my local wrestling promotion) event or a WWE event. I would take PWG 99 times out a 100. The wrestlers are right there, they are happy to be there, they give their all, it is more personal, you are so close that you can there is not a bad view from any seat.
If you live within 50 miles of any minor league team, I suggest that you attend a game. Even if the team is affiliated with someone who you don’t like. I once attended a game between the Diamondbacks and A’s affilates (I really only care for the Dodgers and no other team). Just think of yourself as cheering on the city and not the affilated organization. If you live within driving distance to the California League then you are in for a treat. Most of those game are like games at Coors field, the balls fly out of the park.



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