PWG event feedback

Went to a PWG show today. They are basically the only way a Southern Californian can see the best of Ring of Honor. Show was solid, but not PWGs best.

Every wrestler came out to Michael Jackson. It took away from the show. Most wrestlers use their theme music to pump up. Chuck Taylor with his Pete and Pete theme song, El Generico with the Bouncing Souls “Ole”, Kenny Omega with his japanese theme music, the Young Bucks “mmbop” (which I personally hate). It was a good thing Bryan Danielson was unable to show because what does Jacko have that compares to the final countdown. We sang Ole for El Generico because Jacko’s music took away from his entrance.

The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler) vs Malachi “CK” Jackson & Jerome “LTP” Robinson was the match of the night in my opinion. LTP earned my respect. For those that don’t know him, he is this tiny black guy. He is so short he isn’s even as tall as the ring ropes. The Cutlers have earned my respect. They play the perfect heels and have the Bucks wrestling ability to go with it. I hope they get noticed soon because they are great. I used to think that they had no charisma but if you watch the match today, they oozed charisma. They did one spot where they lifted LTP in up in the air and were going up and down with him a solid 10 times, hilarious. Malachi needs more experience in my opinion, he is a solid wrestler but he needs to pick his spots better for his action. The fans didn’t even notice some of his great moves because they were at the wrong place in the match. I am rambling on with uselessness about this match despite saying it was great, sorry. Cutlers got a victory over some fresh talent. I think of them banged up his knee, sorry for speculating but it didn’t look good and after I saw said move he didn’t put that much weight on it. I hope he is fine.

Chuck Taylor vs. Human Tornado
Chuck is amazing enough said. He won. I love the way Chuck interacts with the audience during his matche; he could be the worst in ring competitor in the world and we would never know because he makes it fun for us. (I am not saying that he is a bad in ring competitor, in fact I think he is one of th very best)
 I was distracted during this match because I made my brother cry at the begining. Chuck was nice enough to mess with every kid in the audience except for my brother. Thanks Chuck and thanks for the picture with my brother, he used to be afraid of you. You are a very classy guy and turning into a wrestler who I look forward to watching every chance I get.

Roderick Strong vs Kenny Omega was probably the match everyone will remember from this show. There was a double 3 count at the end, where both wrestlers got a 3 count on each other at the same time. Confused me because if you do that, arent you supposed to do it with both hands counting to do it. (ex: I am a ref. To symbolize both wrestlers are being counted, I get on my knees and use my left hand for one count and right hand for another at the same time) After that tie, they decided to do a one minute sudden death. Strong got a 3 count but because the 60 seconds were over and the 3 count was at the 61st second Omega chicken shitted his way out of a loss. Come on PWG we are smarter than that, we know it was planned that way. Give us something the WWE won’t pull on us.

Lost beat Generico in a short match, probably because of Generico’s bad knee. Funny moment, during Lost’s entrance the music kept skipping and he heeled it up like they did it to him on purpose. 
During Davey Richard’s entrance Generico’s cape was still there so he grabbed it and put it on.
Davey Richards made the Nick Jackson (the middle buck) submit. Something happened during the 3 count before. It looked like the ref fucked up and the finish was botched so they improvised and went to Davey’s version of the boston crab. This match was great. A little girl gave Davey a chair and he took her in his arms at the end. Very classy for a heel wrestler.
Davey Richards is fucking great however I think he did something very classless during the show. Matt Jackson (the other buck) was not at the show because he attended a family member’s funeral. At the begining of the match, Davey went in the back and brought a shovel out. Basically telling Nick that he will bury him as well. I did not like that and thought it was in bad taste. If it was me, I would have refused to do that spot. I am glad the crowd did not catch on. That said, Davey Richard is slowly turning into my favorite wrestler. There is nothing he can’t do. I will post an article on him and his greatness shortly.

Joey vs Necro was brutal. Pretty quickly Necro opened up Joey on the forehead with scissors. (He probably will need a stitch or two) Joey won. Necro hit the bald ref who I can’t stand (because I believe a good ref is invisible and this guy did a spot with chairs before and today. He also dropkicked a wrestler once. Look if you want to wrestle like Shane Sewel then wrestle.)

I am surprised that Joey didn’t cut a promo or anything in the ring. Nothing to progress the storyline.
Crowd wasnt that loud, probably think that because my brother was tame though.
Loved the Webster chant for Malachi’s partner.
Show made everyone forget about The Bash.


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