A Raw trade, analysis and some random thoughts on the show

Who made the team will come later this week.

On Raw, Batista of all people announced a trade of 15 wrestlers. Guess they had to one up the NBA. Details:
Moving to the Raw roster:
Gail Kim – Smackdown womens division was cluttered.
Alicia Fox – lets McCool be on her own  but can you see Fox doing any damage?
Jack Swagger – how much do you want to make a bet he will win the US title now?
Evan Bourne – lets hope they don’t bury him. I would love to see him and Kofi
Mark Henry – so this is Raw’s idea of bringing in talent?

Moving to the SmackDown roster:
Matt Hardy – he is injured, if he comes back before his brother leaves then he will benefit, if not it is pretty likely he will be buried
Finlay – Another heel for Smackdown. They just turned Punk, my guess is they reverse the Punk turn, or have something else planned. Remember Matt is a heel too. Smackdown now has all the top heels
The Hart Dynasty – David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd & Natalya : Time for the big time boys. Natalya will be a future champ.

Moving to the ECW roster:
Shelton Benjamin – If you have been following this blog then you know that I have pointed out how they fucked him up so bad. Well atleast they noticed are are fixing it. Shelton will win the ECW title before the next draft.
Goldust – I liked him and Hornswoggle. O well, I hope he gets a legit singles run. He is the perfect guy to put over new talent anyway.
William Regal
Brie & Nikki Bella

Trade Analysis: 
Losers of this trade:
ECW: They lose Swagger/Harts/Finlay/Bourne/ in one swoop. That is their whole show. Now its the time of Kozlov and Dreamer.
Hornswoggle: him and Goldust kicked ass, I thought they had potential
Charlie Haas: there goes his tag team partner
Christian: The second I heard this trade was made, I thought that he was going to be moved. He has already dominated ECW and it was time to move on. Now he has to wait a year. Bullshit, that will just hurt his career.

Kozlov and every ECW undercarder who hasn’t been seeing time. With the loss of that much talent who have been featured, they will atleast get a chance.
Tommy Dreamer: Of the people in the match at the Bash, only he and Christian remain. Where is his competition?
The Miz: With Smackdown getting all the heels, it is him, Orton, and the Big Show carrying the heels in the main events.
Mike Knox: he has been off tv for a while, maybe he will be paired with Charlie Haas. He has nothing to lose
Chavo: Losing Regal and Hardy makes him relevant in the Heels division.
Smackdown: Matt Hardy/Finlay/and the Harts. They just got more of my favorite wrestlers. This is the show to watch. All they gave up was Shelton and some excess Divas.

Random Raw Thoughts:
So is Mark Henry a good guy now? He was cheering Batista when he came out.
That tourney for title is bullshit. Was there any doubt that Cena and HHH were going to advance?
I thought Mickie James was already established as the number one contender. So to make it official she squashes Beth Phoenix and Kelly? That is bullshit.
I loved decision to put the tag titles on Edge and Jericho. Putting them on 2 huge draws was a great idea.


One Response to A Raw trade, analysis and some random thoughts on the show

  1. Looks like they mixed some things up a bit. I wouldn’t mind seeing Koslov and some others on tv more.

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