who made the team…raw

1. Randy Orton (3)
2. John Cena (2)
3. The Miz (1)
4. Mickie James (8)
5. HHH (4) really only drops because of the PPV loss
6. Kofi Kingston (9)
7. Big Show (7)
8. Mark Henry
9. Maryse (10)
10. Rhodes and DiBiase (6)

not a good week to be a superstar on raw, they didnt showcase their talent very well. No Santino, swoggle, Kendrick, Primo, Carlito.
I did consider ranking Batista but thought that would have been bullshit because that would be like ranking the Million Dollar Man next week.
Hornswoggle and Goldust dropped out and that was only because Goldust got traded. If Swagger was to give Orton a solid match then I would have ranked him and bumped Maryse but I didnt know what to think about his interaction with Orton.
I will seperate Rhodes and DiBiase when they compete in singles matches in back to back weeks (that are not a set up to a tag match). I am willing to make a bet that by the end of the year, DiBiase will be number one.


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