Why the Bucks passed on Charlie V

Charlie Villanueva is not being offered a contract. They actually have a solid reason for this. And no it is not because fans in the Bucks stadium upper deck were complaining off the glare reflected off his hairless body. As a restricted free agent, he would have signed the tender and made it so he couldn’t be traded without his approval. With the Bucks obviously clearing cap room for next year, he was gone anyway unless he wanted to take a shitty contract and risk them winning, which is a risk no player should take in Milwaukee. Keep a player that you can live without in your mind, and hope you can trade him for draft picks and a trade exception (which is unlikely because the Bucks aren’t the only one with this plan) or let him walk. I like how hockey lets you trade a players negotiating rights, at least the Bucks could have got some cash or a 2nd rounder for him; and controlled where he went with him being a restricted free agent (until now)
This is the 2nd retarded transaction in back to back years. Remember last year where they game Lebron his buddy in future all star, Mo Williams? I hope not.
I have a few theories on this. I think they are trying to attract DWade to their team. He has already won a championship in Miami and I possibly view this as we are destroying our team for out next franchise player. After he signs, he can play gm. We have Sessions, Redd, Bogut, and Jennings for you. Marquette is closer to Milwaukee than Miami, hell it is in Milwaukee.


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