Shootin on Detroit

I love Ben Gordon and the Pistons but I can’t see why they would be a match. His game is similar to Iverson’s. He needs to score. One of the reasons the Pistons benched Iverson was because his game was so one sided and now they are chasing over a player just like him. Another reason they benched Iverson was because he was taking up guard minutes from Rip and Stuckey. What will Ben Gordon do? Take up guard minutes. My guess is this is the best the Pistons think they can do and will trade Rip or Stuckey.
The Pistons should be chasing after a big man. Paul Millsap is just what they need. He plays with his back to the basket and  can shoot. Charlie Villanueva, another UCONN guy like Gordon isnt the back to the basket presence that Detroit needs. Remember Detroit is replacing McDyess and Rasheed Wallace. An ideal scenario for Detroit would be for them to get Millsap and Lamar Odom. With Odom at his natural 3, Prince can slide over to the 4 on defense.

(Mr. Cameron Rose was born in Danbury, CT despite living in sunny socal. So he has a soft spot in his heart for anything Connecticut)


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