Zach Randolph for Quentin Richardson

Quentin Richardson wanted out from Clipperland so bad when he first left that he took a below market contract, but the same contract that he signed to leave has taken him back. And now he is an overpaid journeyman. He is probably thinking to himself, hey at least I am in the last year in my deal.
The Grizzlies just robbed the Clippers with this trade. I actually liked him and was hoping that he would be the one to stay. He is a guy who puts up 20 points and 10 boards a night, I dont think Blake Griffin will ever do that. The Clippers were probably thinking to themselves that they didn’t want Randolph around their new precious rookie and I don’t blame them.
The Grizzlies are taking another flyer on a Jail Blazer. They gave Darius Miles and Damon Staudomire a chance, now it is Randolph’s turn. 
I really like this trade for the Grizzlies. This moves Marc Gasol or Hasheem Thabeet to the bench while giving them another scorer to complement OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay. (A competent big coming off the bench is one of the most invaluable things in the league) If Randolph keeps his attitude in check, I see this trade taking the Grizzlies out of the lotter and battling for the Western Conference 8th spot consistently.
In random news, I bought a Zach Randolph autograph for 2 bucks about 2 hours ago. This deal will either make it worth nothing  or something.


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