Purple and Gold is a popular color now-days

Ron Artest will be a Laker. Wow. Even crazy ass bi polar people want to win a championship. I like this move, but only if the Lakers do not lose Lamar Odom as a result.
This move definitly means Trevor Ariza is out. The 2 have a similar skill set. Ariza is Artest lite except saner.
This move definitly is great for the Lakers, they signed away Houston’s best player. Houston, the same team that was the only team that gave the Lakers a run for their money. What was Houston thinking?
Kobe Bryant must be the happiest person alive. He has Gasol and Artest, and possibly Odom. Remember how bad Kobe wanted Artest before Pau? This has been a long time coming for the Lakers.
This move makes me think that the Lakers know Phil Jackson will come back. Is their any other coach that can handle all the egos on this team?


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