a dodger fan on the manny situation

When Manny Ramirez first got suspended, I was torn as a Dodger fan. Barry Bonds was a Giant. A San Francisco Devil. He cheated his way to the World Series against the Angels but thankfully the Angels beat the Devils. He cheated his way to multiple MVPs. He cheated his way into breaking the home run record. A record that during his run, he hit what felt like half of those against the Dodgers.
And then just as the memory of Barry Bonds is fading away, Manny gets a positive test. The man who made baseball relevant in Kobe and USC’s town. Am I supposed to boo a guy who made LA care about baseball again. Everybody in LA county was always a Dodger fan but when Manny came, everybody showed it. The last time people in LA didn’t leave games early was during Gagne’s record breaking save streak.
To tell you the truth, when Manny got suspended I thought it would help the team get better. Our pitching would flounder and Juan Pierre would be forced to play thus enhancing his trade value. A funny thing happened, the pitching was fine and now we are left with a false hope that even if it does flounder the offense will put up enough runs to cover its ass.
Do I agree that fans should love the man that tested positive for “performance enhancing drugs”? I dont know what to think. Do Red Sox fans still love David Ortiz and Jason Varitek, two players who I highly suspect were on the juice? I know they hate Manny but do they hate him because of his attitude that almost cost the team a playoff spot and then when he gets his way he almost takes his new team to the world series or do they hate him because he was on the juice? (Sorry for the run on) I think we all know the real answer and that is why LA fans can’t hate on Manny.

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  1. breslin7706 says:

    I just randomly came across your blog while browsing the “Manny Ramirez” tag, but I wanted to weigh in on this post. It definitely puts you in a bad position when your own star gets busted for juicing, but if that were my most important player, I would suddenly dislike that guy because not only did he put the team’s success in jeopardy during a 50-game suspension, but he also forces Dodgers fans to look like hypocrites if they support him. For people that booed Barry Bonds for the same reason, they now have to choose a side, and a lot of people are suddenly being really supportive of a user.

    You used an example of Ortiz and Varitek as people you suspect were or are using, and then you said that Red Sox fans should love them less just because of your suspicion. That’s a tough assumption to make, especially because the suspected users are usually the best players, of whom the fans owe the most (unless of course the ARE busted).

    Good blog. Blogs like this make it an interesting pasttime to just browse the blogs.

    • Mr. Cameron Rose says:

      thanks…I just think red sox fans are hypocrites. They hate Manny for steroids and dont give a real reason. Some fans of theres are stupid enough to say that it is because of the juice, but David Ortiz’ numbers dropped big time and so did Varitek’s. I doubt it is because that they are sad Manny left and I don’t believe it is because of the line up factor. (I belive the line up situation only affects on base percentage). I don’t mean to speculate because I know a lot of people who are Red Sox fans but I feel that whole World Series team was juiced up and I know that I am not alone. The red sox are suffering because they don’t have Manny’s steroid hook ups.

      note: I hate the Yankees almost as much as I hate the Giants.

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