Who Made the Team, TNA. A decent Impact

1. Kurt Angle (2)
2. Sting (3)
3. Samoa Joe (1) – he has turned into Kurt’s bitch
4. Matt Morgan (4)
5. Tara
6. Dr. Stevie
7. Lauren
8. Beautiful People (5)
9. British Invasion (7)
10. Abyss
11. Eric Young (12)
12. JJ

Dropped: Beer money, AJ Styles, Daniels, Suicide, Mick Foley. I don’t think that this says anything bad about the performers as much as it shows the strength of TNA’s roster. Is their any doubt that those that were dropped as well as the Machine Guns, Cody Deaner, Jethro Holiday, Rhyno, Jay Lethal, and Creed are threats to break onto the team next week? We got the top 4 going strong, as well as the Beautiful People. I wanted to keep AJ Styles on but I only has 12 spots. (I, Mr. Cameron Rose have a huge fear of the number 13 and will never put that burden on listing any superstar at number 13. I would not want to be ranked 13 on any list, I believe it is a curse.) Daniels would have been after him, followed by Beer Money. Mick Foley was going to be dropped regardless because he got his ass kicked by the mafia and then got a guitar smash by JJ.
So Jesse Neal and Rhyno are going to go their own seperate ways.
I liked that little angle where JJ might have joined the mafia and they got all excited.
While at first I was pissed that Matt Morgan wasnt with the Mafia at the begining, the way they told the story I like it as well. If they do this right, the fans will want him to join the mafia and when the mafia doesn’t let him and beats him, he will turn into a big babyface.
The ref in the main event looks like he can kick AJ Styles ass.
Jeremy Borash: Ring announcer?
That tag team match confused me. What are they trying to set up with the British Invasion?
Where was Suicide?
Awesome Kong looked great in the tag match.
I was watching this while with students so it was on mute for the most part. The people who are supposed to be the bad guys looked like good guys (Beautiful People/Rhyno) and the people who looked like bad guys were really the good guys. (Rhyno dressed in black, the Amazing Red and Deaner match was both faces)
The way the mafia sold Sting in the ring was beautiful. It was like old school Sting was in the ring with the NWO.
Where are the machine guns?
Did anyone else notice that Samoa Joe was bleeding after he beat up Foley?

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