who made the team/smackdown style … is punk a heel?

Who made the team:
1. Dolph Ziggler (3) – if Jericho doesn’t face Mysterio at the next PPV, Ziggler will make a nice contender for the IC belt
2. Edge and Jericho (edge <9> jericho <1>)
3. CMPunk (7)
4. Theodore Long
5. John Morrison (4) – he got an easy win on Superstars, is he the new number one contender?
6. Kane – strong debut. He kicks Khali’s ass and Rey’s.
7. Jeff Hardy (5) His time is winding down
8. Rey Mysterio (6)
9. R Truth (2)
10. Cryme Tyme – really only go over Hart Dynasty because of the Word Up segment.
11. Michelle McCool (8)
12. Melina (10)

Nobody dropped out. Will the Hart Dynasty kick someone out next week? I hope so.
Don’t think that I made room just for the girls. They were higher in my first draft of this.
Even though Raw/ECW/Smackdown/Superstars are already taped for next week, I do not know the results. I base “who made the team” off watching the matches on tv. I will not post the Raw or ECW “who made the team” until I know the results of “Superstars”, that way I can incorpate those into the list. Last week I was complaining that Santino and Kendrick were not used on Raw, despite being used on Superstars.


Smackdown Thoughts:

My only complaint on the opener was that CMPunk was being upstaged by Theodore Long. Long shouldn’t one up the champion.
Make no mistake, Punk is a heel. They wouldn’t script Long to upstage a face.
The best thing that the E could have done was to continue the Hardy/Punk feud. The way they did it in the opener was perfect.

Son Finlay is a face now and giving the fans high fives after they went through that heel turn on ECW?

Dolph Ziggler finaly gets an opponent not names Khali. Ziggler wins and Truth looks strong.

Cryme Tyme’s bling on the binoculars looks like bubble wrap. I love how they incorporated Jesse in to the “word up” segment. I love the gimmick. Also nice job of incorporating the asian cowboy, Jimmy Yang.

Laughed my ass off at Kane reaching to hit Rey with his elbow. Is Rey that small? Another no sell on the 619. Rey needs a new finisher. Did you see Kane stalling for time, waiting for Khali?

Tyson Kidd’s wrestling ability really impressed me today, so did JTG’s. Really great match, I could watch them wrestle each other all day. Who would have thought? Now Tyson just needs to get rid of that hair cut. I hope these teams feud.

Long upstages another top guy, telling Morrison to beat it. Bullshit. This smackdown has taught me to hate Theodore Long.


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