best of the remaining nba free agents

Useful free agents:

Zaza Pachulia – Big men will always earn a paycheck
Ronald Murray – ask Lebron how valuable a shooter is
Stephon Marbury – should come cheap and will be more valuable than you think
Mikki Moore – big man
Sean May – young big guy who was too injury prone in Charlotte. If he can get an opprotunity and make something of it, he will take it to the bank
Joe Smith – veteran big man that every team covets
Wally Szczerbiak – first year in a while he wont be making 10 + million. He will give you solid minutes. Makes sense to return to cleveland, or orlando
Anderson Varejao – every team in the league wants a young energetic big man
Brandon Bass – young journeyman, if he was smart he would return to Mavs
Chris Andersen – probably wont get as much action as you think due to his past drug problems
Anthony Carter – aging point guard who means more to denver than anyone else, he can probably twist their arm and make some money. has never made any money in his career and now is the time
Allen Iverson – he should file a slander lawsuit against the pistons
Antonio McDyess – see joe smith
Rasheed Wallace – see above, add that he is a solid shooter and spreads the court, chemistry killer at times so proceed with caution
Marquis Daniels – solid small forward who I would want on my team
Rasho Nesterovic – big man with a ring, who doesnt need someone like that
Lamar Odom – the only available superstar left, next to Marion
Chris Mihm – solid big who is streaky
Quinton Ross – Shane Battier light
Shelden Williams – deserves a chance
Rodney Carney – I cant believe the sixers gave up on him so quick
Jason Collins and Jarron Collins – solid big men who wont get anything close to their last contracts
Chris Wilcox – young big guy
Robert Swift – young big guy who needs to get away from the OKC organization
Donyell Marshall – see Joe Smith
Andre Miller – one of the few players who should make more than the midlevel.
Matt Barnes – shooter but where is the defense. maybe ny will be interested if he signs a one year deal
Grant Hill – remember him?
Channing Frye – how the mighty have fallen, from future franchise knick to not even being offered a restricted tender
Bobby Jackson – sacromento loves him but if denver doesnt resign carter, he will fit their
Drew Gooden – joe smith
Shawn Marion – you already know what i think of him
Anthony Parker – point guard who can start in a pinch
Jake Voskuhl – big man, he will find a job whether it is here or overseas
The best restricted:
Marvin Williams – hawks wont let him go, he would be smart to sign the restricted tender and take his chances next year when a team that doesnt get lebron will throw money at him instead
Glen Davis
Leon Powe
Raymond Felton – Bobcats soured on him, but I their are a lot of worse point guards. In my opinion he is in the upper half of the leagues best pgs
Linas Kleiza – nuggets will keep this streaky scorer
Jarrett Jack – solid pg who deserves more credit than he gets
Shannon Brown – an easy steal but I think he needs the Lakers more than they need him.
David Lee – deserves his money but will he get it
Nate Robinson
Hakim Warrick
Jamario Moon
Ramon Sessions
Paul Millsap

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