random espnews comment

It is nice to see ESPNews giving Michelle LaFountain the late night ancor shift tonight. I keep ESPNews on all night and she has a nice motherly feel to her on top of being one of the best highlight play by play anchors they have. (Ryan Burr is the best) I have nothing against Mike Yam, JW Stewart (although he reminds me of the kid you would beat up in middle school), or any others.
Also, Jonathan Coachman is one great anchor. This is what he should have been doing instead of stinking up the wwe.
I wouldn’t be surprised if she got the late night shift tomorrow. She is from Puerto Rico. While I am not sure if Puerto Ricans celebrate July 4th, I doubt it. It is similar to the reason why Dana Jacobson and Mike Greenberg always anchor on Christmas, they are jewish.


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