So where is HE-do going?

Now it is being reported that Hedo Turkoglu is signing with the Toronto Raptors. Was ESPN trying to pull a fast one on all the bloggers? Somebody at ESPN needs to be fired because it was being reported on their ticker all day that he signed with Portland and most people on the East Coast went to bed thinking that the Turk went to bed thinking he was Portland bound. Imagine all the Toronto fans feeling signs of relief that their team didn’t sacrifice Shawn Marion for him. Oops they did.

They say he likes Toronto better than Portland. It is closer to his native country. Dude when you are 11000 miles away, does another 1000+ make a difference?

I don’t see how getting rid of Shawn Marion is a good thing. He is to basketball what a 5 tool player is to baseball. He can shoot, pass, rebound, etc. Somebody is going to pick him up and feel lucky. If he signs for less than Hedo, it is a bargain.


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