Things that piss me off about the 4th of July

As a vegetarian, the annual hot dog eating contest pisses me off. It disgusts me how ESPN promotes it. It disgust me that people care about the event. I would be willing to invest in an eating competition circuit that promotes vegetarianism. It pisses me off that I have to weed through the highlights and articles on it.
Hot dog eating is not a sport. It is disgusting. It should never be promoted. It should be banned. Any competitive eating event should be banned unless it is a celery eating competition. That way people would atleast lose calories doing it.

Fireworks help lead to global warming. Efforts to preserve the earth are completely ignored today when every city ignores all the work that they have put in to help stop this atrocity. And contrary to what some parents tell their kids, global warming is scientifically proven. Global warming needs to be taught to our students.

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