trading cliff lee, and why is mike lowell still the red sox thirdbasemen

Cliff Lee is having a good year but nothing close to a Cy Young year. Now that he is back on track, I believe the Indians need to trade him as soon as possible. I firmly believe in trading a guy while he is hot, no matter how good his contract his. The Indians are a team in a bad market and having a 9 million dollar salary on your books when you are not contending is just a luxury.
If the Indians are being offered crap, I understand but if you can 3 prospects for him then take it.

You know what I don’t get, is Kevin Youkilis can play 3rd base then why is he at 1st when they can force Mike Lowell to play their. Youkilis  is younger and Lowell will just enhance his value being able to play 1st and 3rd.


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