Marion and Bass, sign and trade?

If the Raptors do right by Shawn Marion then Hedo Turkoglu will sign later than Marion because of a sign and trade.
Apparently Dallas has interest in signing Marion. While I like that Marion is going to get his money, Marion game closely resembles Dirk Nowitzki’s. Both are shooters who excel at the 3 and both rebound. I would say Marion is an amazing defender compared to Dirk, although Dirk plays better defense than some might think.
A Dallas trade for Marion would have to involve Jerry Stackhouse and a 3rd team, unless Dallas assumes Marcus Banks salary (which would lower Marion’s) The best way to get a 3rd team involved in the deal, I believe would be to involve Brandon Bass. He is a free agent who is generating interest from several teams. Sign and trade Bass to that team for a 2nd round pick, then use that trade exception with Stackhouse for Shawn Marion.

For the record I don’t think anything that would hold up Bass potentially being involved in said deal because he would make money in a sign and trade just like Marion. The only worry is another team willing to help Dallas get better. (Rules out Hornets and Rockets who are rumored to be interested in Bass) 
(Jerry Stackhouse’s contract is not fully guaranteed.)

Jerry Stackhouse is my favorite player. I support vegetarians and vegans world wide.

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