Allen Iverson landing spots

Contrary to what has been said, I don’t think he should head to Europe. People who are used to scoring 20+ points a game find their stats falling. Europe plays a team game, and Iverson has proved this offseason that he is not a team player. So that leaves NBA teams or the Harlem Globetrotters as landing spots.

POSITIVES: They just traded their 2 best scorers for a guy who does not intend on playing with them this season. Think they need help scoring? Al Jefferson isn’t a real number one option, his strength is rebounding. As far as I am concerned anything more than 12-15 points from him is a bonus.
NEGATIVES: Do they want him around all their young players? Will he teach Al Jefferson how to have a rock star attitude?

POSITIVES: Yes, I said it. Andre Miller is leaving, that loses a guard and 20 points right their. If AI could put up 15 on a one year deal, I would sign off on the deal.
NEGATIVES: Will this signing hinder Thaddeus Young’s development. He seems ready to step up and become a solid number 2.
If any team knows a thing or two about AI, its them. They basically said that he was a distraction, remember?

POSITIVES: Barely ever can you get a franchise player on the cheap and they need a franchise player. TJ Ford is rumored to be leaving, so they will need a point guard.
NEGATIVES: The only thing stopping this transaction is Indiana must asked themselves if Brandon Rush is ready to step up. Indiana is also making a point of getting rid of headaches so does AI fit their new mold?

POSITIVES: Signing Iverson would make a bold statement to Dwayne Wade who basically said they must do something to keep him.
NEGATIVES: Can Iverson and Jermaine O’Neal be happy as a number 2 and 3?
It didn’t work with Melo, what makes you think it will work with a much better player in Wade?

POSITIVES: Somebody has to replace Villanueva and Jefferson’s points.
NEGATIVES: Can Milwaukee connect the dots?
Pending trades:
Rockets: If they trade TMac he could slide into the offense. AI is more of a point guard compared to McGrady.

Warriors: If they trade Monta Ellis and or Maggette like they want to, they need to pick up the points.

Clippers: If Baron Davis and/or Ricky Davis go then they must make up the points.


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