great news for the cavs and knicks haters, lottery picks for sale

How bad is the economy? Well despite losing the only home I knew, the NBA salary cap is going down too. is an article about how bad the cap is. Basically it says the Knicks and lots of other teams are fucked.
The cap that was once projected to be at 63 million next year is now projected to go as low as 50 million. That difference is one max contract.
This is good news for the Cavs. Now that the Knicks aren’t projected to be able to sign 2 players to max contracts, will Lebron want to bolt?
This is even more bad news for every free agent this year. Absolutely no 2 year deals or partially guaranteed contracts past this year. Teams must now be as stingy as not to give that minimum or below market salary to the player that they feel deserving. David Lee and Nate Robinson are as fucked as ever.
This is good news for teams over the salary cap looking to get younger. Teams under the cap better pray that next year’s draft crop is weak because they are going to look to sell that pick regardless to save salary cap room. Yes, lottery picks will be for sale.  A player in the lottery makes between 6 million and 2 million, that is some hefty change if 2 million if the difference between your offer to Lebron and some other teams. It will get lost in the shuffle of offers (think 17 teams or so are going to offer him that contract, he will cut out the non contenders first. Teams with lottery picks. If they don’t offer a contract even on the same par as other teams he won’t even look at the deal.). If I can trade 3 million for a lottery pick then I take it, instead of developing an ulcer while my organization waits for Lebron to reject my offer.

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