Raw thoughts

The Evan Bourne and Kofi match wasn’t as good as it could be. They need to get their chemistry straight.
Evan Bourne’s entrance almost gave me a seizure.
Are Big Show and Kofi feuding now?

Cena says today’s Raw is wrestlemania? Crap! The match with HHH was decent.

Good for Carlito. He needs to be on his own. But why do brothers keep turning on each other in the E? I missed Carlito as a heel. Now we have to ask ourselves does Primo have staying power? 

Where was The Miz?

What is it with people getting counted out of their matches. Last week we had Jack Swagger, Kofi, and Big Show. Today Cody did it on purpose.

I fucking hate it when they ruin a solid wrestling match with a run in and DQ. Did anyone else think that Cena and HHH would have a solid match? I sure as hell didn’t. 

Ted Dibiase Jr…Future Champion. They wrote that match perfectly. I liked how even though Dibiase was strong they still made Orton look strong. Nobody controlled the match, tons of reversals, lots of near falls. Best match.

What Jack Swagger said to MVP was great. He said everything I wish I could have ever said to him. “Your not an athlete. You went to Florida State….Florida State Penetentary.” I never liked Swagger but he just scored some points with me, lots.

Did Raw just showcase a couple different few wrestling matches?


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