Roy Halladay trade

Is Roy Halladay worth 6 players? Well to start I thought I would ask the Diamondbacks if Danny Haren was worth 6 players. Their answer would have been: Absolutely. But that was a different, Halladay is 32 is currently 28 and was younger when he was traded.
So is Roy Halladay worth 6 players? Hell ya, it just depends which six players. If I am the Dodgers do I trade Chad Billingsley, no. Clayton Kershaw, only if the 5 other players are 28 year old career minor leaguers. Kershaw is already an all star and is younger.

So how do you make this trade work?
If I was the Blue Jays, I would do what the Red Sox did with Mike Lowell and Josh Beckett. Package Halladay with a player like BJ Ryan or Vernon Wells. Sure it would take a lot of suitors out of the race, but it would maximize a deal. Trading Wells would enable them to get 6 legitimate grade a prospects and 2 or 3 grade b prospects. If they added Wells, it would force the Blue Jays not to add cash to a deal because they are giving up 2 of their 3 star players. (Alex Rios or Scott Rolen are the others)
If they are really desperate to shed payroll they could add Scott Rolen to a deal. A deal like this would probably force the Blue Jays to trade to a division contender, but what they expect…that this trade would make them a contender?

If I am the Red Sox, I take the deal. Not having to face Roy Halladay is worth it to me despite the high asking price. Also if Wells was added to the deal, it would be protection against losing Jason Bay. If the Red Sox could get away with adding bi polar Daisuke Matsuzaka as a key piece it would be worth it in itself, he is being paid 8 million dollars which would at the very least help off set some salary.
The Yankees of course would do it. Adding an outfielder to their bi polar outfield would always help. (Their outfield may be doing good right now but with one injury they are in shambles, with one slump they are in shambles.)
If the Astros acquired Halladay that would make them relevant.
The White Sox would be interested. They would probably say no to the package because they almost got Jake Peavy for only 4 players.
Speaking of Jake Peavy, what about a 3 way deal that lands the Blue Jays Jake Peavy and his lighter salary, on top of other prospect. If I was the Blue Jays GM, I would have to look into that. Would Peavy and Halladay wave their no trade clauses, I doubt Peavy would wave it for a rebuilding team. 

Any team in the league should look into a deal except the A’s, Dodgers, (both teams would be asked to surrender one of their star pitchers), or Padres (who would not be relevant until Halladay is past his prime). The economy may be shit but if I am the owner of a team losing money and have the opprotunity to sign off on a deal for Roy Halladay, I do it.


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  2. tracking back Roy Halladay trade… tracking back Roy Halladay trade…

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