A nugget on the Denver Nuggets

Giving Chris Andersen a 5 year deal is insane. Other teams were only offering him a minimum contract.

So lets see:
Gave Nene an insane contract.
Gave Kenyon Martin an insane contract, on top of sacrificing 3 first round draft picks for him. (The Nuggets turned those into Vince Carter)
Gave up on Chauncey Billips and Chris Andersen once before.
Didnt they draft Nicklas Tskidisvilli, a european lottery bust, bigger than Darko.
Traded away Marcus Camby for nothing, because they didn’t have the payroll room for him. Well why didn’t they have the payroll room, because they overpaid big men in Nene, KMart, and now Chris Andersen.
The Nuggets would have never had to trade Allen Iverson for Chauncey Billups if they kept Andre Miller in the first place.
They released Antonio McDyess and now a team that they are competing with has him under contract in the Spurs.
The Nuggets got lucky in landing Carmelo Anthony, They got lucky that Chauncey Billups outperformed Allen Iverson last season, They got lucky that they signed Chris “I got suspended for hardcore drugs” Andersen, they got lucky with Anthony Carter, and George Karl.
Even a career 200 average hitter in baseball has to get a couple hits.

For the record, I am not saying that Nene is a bad player. In fact he is a solid starter but he is not worth more than 10 million. I also do not hate the Nuggets.


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