Boozer for Rip?

Just read a rumor that Carlos Boozer and Richard Hamilton were being rumored to get traded for each other.
I like this deal for Detroit for too many reasons. It would create a starting spot for Ben Gordon. It would take pressure off Charlie Villanueva whose strength like Hamilton’s is scoring/shooting, not rebounding like a power forward normaly does. Boozer would make up for the rebounds lost when Rasheed Wallace bolted to Boston.
This trade would allow Utah to resing Paul Millsap while getting some defensive stability. Trading for a superstar like Richard Hamilton when the player you are giving up is replaceable is worth it even if it means adding payroll. Some people may say Rip is not a superstar but the man can do every and do everything good. He can handle the ball, score, and plays great defense. (A guard is not required to rebound but he even does that better than most guards.)

As far as I am concerned the only reason why this trade doesn’t go through is because didn’t Detroit just fire their coach for Rip?

I have to ask: as much as I like Detroit, does anyone really want to play their anymore? They don’t have Billups, won’t have Rip, and their coaching situation seems in constant flux since Rick Carlisle left.


One Response to Boozer for Rip?

  1. Good point. scrap it.

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