an impactless impact, who made the team: tna

For those of you that were smart enough to watch Royal Pains instead of Impact, here are my Impact thoughts. By the way I highly recomend watching Royal Pains, that show is brilliant.
But first, who made the team this week.


1. Sting (2)
2. Matt Morgan (4)
3. Kurt Angle (1)
4. British Invasion (9)
5. Eric Young (11)
6. Kurt’s Bitch Samoa Joe (3)
7. Tara (5)
8. Dr. Stevie (6)
9. Mick Foley
10. JJ (12)
11. Beautiful People (8)
12. Homicide

Lauren, Abyss were dropped.

Why is JJ a FACE and Foley a HEEL/TWEENER in the opening segment? The fans were chanting “Foley, Foley, Foley”. Also why are they bringing up their previous feuds from other companies, does anybody remember them?

Sounds like Sting reads Randy’s blog: Except instead of blaming things on JJ he blames Samoa Joe.

So Sheik and Kiyoshi are in the British Invasion? Will they be called the “International Invasion” now? Hey TNA if you pick up on that, you owe me 5 cents for every time you say that, or I will send you to detention.

Suicide in his interview, reminded me of old school Kane.

The Machine Guns are out against Beer Money, time for a squash match. 
By the way if the Machine Guns can put on a 5 star match like this in a squash match then you know they deserve top billing.

O no, Beautiful People are falling apart.
Ha, my dumbass just got why Tara is called Tara…tarantuala.
Too early for the Tarantula to win the Womens belt.

Okay, this is perfect, using Eric Young as a ref in the main event.

Weren’t we supposed to see Rhyno and Jesse Neal face off in this impact or did I miss it last week? 

The Abyss and Dr. Stevie segments annoy me, I changed the channel.


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