Who made the team Raw and ECW

1. Randy Orton (1)
2. Rhodes and Dibiase (10) – Dibiase could easily be on top soon, Rhodes heeled it up good in his match
3. John Cena (2)
4. HHH (5)
5. Mark Henry (8)
6. Kofi Kingston (6)
7. Big Show (7)
8. The Miz (3)
9. Mickie James (4)
10. Jack Swagger
11. Maryse (9)
12. Evan Bourne

1. Christian (6)
2. Tommy Dreamer (4)
3. Tiffany (1)
4. Yoshi Tatsu (2)  
5. Shelton Benjamin
6. Zack Ryder – 2 wins on Superstars, this is why I will wait for the rankings

Kozlov was initially ranked but I didn’t care for his wrestling ability in the Christian match. He was making things to obvious. A tall man should keep his head up and not allow himself to be hit their, he made it low so he could get hit.

Sorry about the lack of updates today, I am with students even as I type this.


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